What does Dilbert teach us about Trade Show Planning?

Wally, the seasoned engineer in the Dilbert cartoon strip, once asked his boss if he should spend time planning or “plunge into my project with aggressive randomness.” The point was funny, but well made: having no plan is nonsensical. The well-known mantra holds true. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


In a trade show setting, planning is essential. Trade shows are often planned years in advance, with venues booked and vendors secured. The logistical nuts and bolts details are straightforward to arrange. But what about the more abstract planning necessary to make all that effort a success?

You set up your booth, organize displays, and shine your shoes. The convention hall doors open and people start streaming in. Now what? It doesn’t matter how beautiful your booth is. If you have no strategy for bringing people in and engaging them, you are wasting time and money.

As part of your team, BoothBuzz performers are there to help you deliver. This means meeting with your staff beforehand to develop a strategy for approaching customers, presenting information, and ensuring company goals are met. We customize our performances with company-specific details, seamlessly integrating your messages into our entertainment.

The good news is that if you succeed in planning, you plan to succeed. A little bit of planning goes a long way. And a cohesive, coordinated presentation makes a more positive, longer-lasting impression than randomness, aggressive or otherwise.


  • Planning in advance is essential to a smooth and successful trade show experience.
  • BoothBuzz entertainers meet with your staff beforehand to share information, goals, and strategy.
  • With your input, we customize our performances, ensuring a lasting impact.
  • Planning allows us to present a clear, unified message that is appealing to customers.