Getting Hands On

Teachers know that learning by doing, or experiential learning, is more effective than traditional rote learning. You can explain the idea of a microscope, but there’s no substitute for looking through that lens yourself.


This idea has also taken hold in business settings. Entrepreneur magazine recently reported that the knowledge retention rate for employees who go through traditional learning is only five percent, whereas the retention rate from experiential learning can be as high as 90 percent.

Unfortunately, people can’t always get hands-on with your wonderful product or service in a trade show booth. You may not have a product that they can touch and feel. So how do you get the customers in so you can tell them about your great product? Free pens and koozies are fine, but every booth has those.

Enter the BoothBuzz entertainer. Sales staff may be good at promoting your product, but our expertise is engaging with people. We get their attention and hold it. BoothBuzz performances are customized so we entertain while passing on important information about your company.

People can walk past a booth in a matter of seconds. Our goal is to have them stop, look, and listen. We astound with sleight of hand, mind-reading, fortune-telling, and other amazing feats. After browsing through rows of cookie cutter booths, customers are ready for something different, and we provide it. By the time we hand off to your sales staff, we have an audience relaxed, entertained, and ready to hear your pitch!


  • Your company has a great product/service, but there might not be anything tangible for customers to handle.
  • Trade shows feature hundreds of vendors, and you want to stand out.
  • People are more likely to remember information when it is accompanied with a meaningful, hands-on activity.
  • Our experienced, highly skilled performers use personal interaction, props, and entertainment to engage potential customers and focus their attention on your company.